Bali bliss


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Finally an update from Bali guys! The internet here is incredibly SLOW hence the lack of updates (uploading these few pics toke forever....)

So here is what you are looking at:

Somewhere in Bali, Wongyagede / My favorite beach, Bias Tugal / Holiday wardrobe / In the middle of nowhere / Jatiluwih rice paddies / Summer uniform, shorts & espadrilles / The cool Motel Mexicola in Seminyak

Right now I'm off to Lombok and I hope to give you guys another update from there but most pics will follow once I get home since we mainly shoot with our analogue camera's. Tips & stuff will also follow once I get back! See you soon x


Festival survival guide


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Since the Festivals are about to start I thought it would be nice to make some sort of "festival survival guide" in case you are planning to go to a 3 day( or more) festival. I had no clue what to expect (or what to pack) when I went to Lowlands for the first time ( a 3 day festival in the Netherlands) so for all you first-timers out there, here goes:

What to bring:

- A tent (duh). Bring an easy tent to set up, preferably one you can just "trow". After standing in a que for hours the last thing you want is to set up a difficult tent and on the last day all you want to do is pack everything as fast as you can and go.

- Earplugs & Walky talkies. You will probably not sleep if you don't bring some earplugs (not that there will me much sleeping) and walky talkies are a great way to communicate with your friends.

- An air bed or mattress (inflatable bed). I brought a yoga mat (or something like that) once and believe when I tell you that after 3 days of sleeping on that your back is in a lot of pain. An air bed is heavier to pack and takes up more space but it's worth all the trouble.

- Food & Drinks. Stock up on lot's of food and drinks. If you are able to bring drinks and food to the camping terrain (often not allowed on the festival terrain) than do so. Yes you will need to carry all that shit with you (denk aan de befaamde brug bji lowlands en de volle karren) but it will save you loads of money. And you will have emergency rations in the tent when you can't  trek to a food stall.

- Camping equipment. If you don't have any camping equipment one of your friends or parents will probably have some. Think of cooking equipment (gas stoves etc), sleepingbags, flashlights, lamps, tents, camping chairs & tables etc.

- Miscellaneous items: wet wipes / medicated moist tissues (brilliant for a quick wash in the morning), toilet rolls, medical kit.


Other Tips:

- Arrive early to claim a decent camping spot

- If you come with a group set up your tents in a circle with the openings facing the center and each other to claim your territory ( and to prevent theft). Also If possible, set up some kind of fencing around your "compound". It discourages people from wandering through (but don't use ropes or barricade the whole thing).

- Don't set up camp near the toilets or next to the footpath. Toilets will start to smell after the first day and the footpaths are always crowded.

- Don't bring more than you need and never leave things you can't afford to lose in your tent. Leave valuables and other expensive stuff at home.

- Bring a "cheap" camera. Do you really want to carry a heavy, digital SLR around your neck for the whole festival? (or lose it?)

- Make friends with the neighbours, share a beer or donate some juice and they will keep an eye on your tent and you might even become friends.

Things to keep in mind:

- Let you standards of personal hygiene slip a little (or a lot)

- If this is your first festival, put aside any ideas you have about waking up to the smell of fresh air and greenery. Except for the fact that you will be sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent, festival camping is nothing like leisure camping.


Happy camping guys :)



Randomness April


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Some random shots from the past two/three weeks...

Drinks @debloemenbar on friday / New stuff online in my shop / Morning sun at NDSM  Werff / Love my new Zara top! / Love my New clutch from Silvia Gattin  / Bumping into some old pics from Malaysia, this was on Perhentian Besar / Me somewhere on NDSM /  Shopping vintage stuff for my shop :)


Off to Bali & Lombok


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This afternoon I'm hopping on a plane and I'm off to Bali & Lombok! We will mainly be shooting with our analogue camera's so expect loads of photo's when I get back (april 23th). However I did prepare some blogposts for this week and ofcourse I will update every now and then from Bali & Lombok. x

Dresses: Isabel Marant, unknown dress from Thailand, Hugo Boss orange / Shorts : H&M (old) / Top: T by Alexander Wang / Analogue cameras: Olympus